Brazil – Fazenda Natural Trapia (Hand Picked)
Brazil – Fazenda Natural Trapia (Hand Picked)
Brazil – Fazenda Natural Trapia (Hand Picked)
Brazil – Fazenda Natural Trapia (Hand Picked)

Brazil – Fazenda Natural Trapia (Hand Picked)

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Brazil – Fazenda Natural Trapia - Yellow Bourbon and Acaia 

Lot: #P.TA19/0315
Process Type:  Natural and Pulped Natural
Altitude: 1150 - 1400m
Roast Profile: Medium/Dark

Owned by Andréa de Souza Rangel and Renato Pita Maciel de Moura since 2005. The farm once belonged to the mayor of Baependi, where the farm is located in Southern Minas Gerais, and has long been well-known within the region. Although neither Renato nor Andréa had backgrounds in the agricultural business, they had always dreamed of owning a farm. Trapiá presented them not only with the perfect opportunity to manifest their life-long penchant for farming but also presented them with optimal growing conditions for coffee, of which they have made the most. When the couple purchased the farm, there were there were only 20,000 coffee plants planted and no coffee infrastructure whatsoever. The farm now has 61 hectares (170,000 plants) under coffee and the couple have built state-of-the-art processing infrastructure.

Today the couple live on the farm full time and have succeeded in achieving BSCA and UTZ certification.

All coffee at Trapiá is hand harvested using the stripping method or is machine harvested where the terrain allows. Coffee cherries are separated by density on the same day as they are harvested before proceeding to their respective processing methods. This particular lot has been composed of coffees processed using both natural and pulped natural methods. Trapiá’s natural coffees are delivered to the patio directly after sorting, where they then spend 12 days, reaching their target humidity of 12%. Alternatively, some lots spend 3-5 days on patios until they reach 18% and then spend 3 days more in mechanical dryers. Pulped natural coffees are pulped using the most widespread method in Brazil – that is, pulping without fermentation. The mucilage is partially removed, enough to enable the coffee to be delivered to the patios where it is regularly turned (“rolling” the fruits).

All lots begin their drying on the patio, though some are finished at low, constant  heat in the farm’s mechanical dryers. Throughout all stages, the drying process is controlled through periodic humidity measurements using a precise capacitance device.

50% Yellow Bourbon
50% Mundo Novo

Taste Profiles:
High sweetness, medium acidity, milk chocolate, walnuts and almond